Local Gift Certificate Program

At the 2015 Business Excellence Awards on November 6, 2015, the Lakes District Local Gift Certificate program was launched. With pre-sales topping $14,000.00, we were convinced we were onto something good. Now, let’s flash forward to January 1, 2023, and we are at over $340,000.00 worth of Gift Certificates sold and kept local!

What is the program?

This program is designed to keep shopping dollars in the Lakes District. The program is modelled after a similar program in Houston and Vanderhoof that has successfully kept local dollars in the community.

How does it work?

Companies, organizations, and individual consumers purchase gift certificates from the Chamber of Commerce. The certificates can be used as seasonal bonuses, safety awards, employee recognition, or birthday or anniversary celebrations. They can also be used as donations for community events and fundraisers. The certificates can be redeemed at various local retailers and service businesses in the community. Eligible Chamber of Commerce member businesses pay an annual fee to participate in the program. This fee covers the cost of printing and administration.

If a business would like to order some certificates in bulk, the Chamber will, at no charge, incorporate the business logo on the certificate.

Each business determines how they accept the certificate based on their policies and procedures – we encourage making it as simple as possible to maximize keeping the dollars circulating in our community. Businesses that redeem the coupons can bring them into the Chamber twice a month, and the Chamber writes the business a cheque (within three business days) for the total redemption less a 1% handling fee – very minimal when you consider what the fees for Visa, MasterCard or debit purchases cost a business or the service fees on some gift cards.

When did it start?

The program was launched on Friday, November 6, 2015, at the Burns Lake & District Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Awards and sales to the public started on November 9, 2015.    The Gift Certificate program is now a standard for the Burns Lake & District Chamber of Commerce.

Where can I buy certificates, and where can I redeem certificates?

Gift certificates can be purchased from the Burns Lake & District Chamber of Commerce in any denomination.

Currently, we have twenty-two local businesses that have signed up to participate. The back of the gift certificate will list the businesses that are “on board” as of print with a link to a current, up-to-date list on the Chamber website.

Why is the program being done, and why is it only for Chamber member businesses?

Membership has rewards.

As a Member of the Burns Lake & District Chamber of Commerce, you can expect benefits – this is one of them. Our Chamber of Commerce is the Voice of Business for Burns Lake & the Lakes District, and we strive to provide added value wherever possible.

We hope you’ll join us in a program that will help drive us to become a more vibrant business community.


Not a member but ready to join?
Call us; we’re here to help – 250-692-3773

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