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What is a Chamber of Commerce?


Chamber of Commerce is an organization made up of local business leaders from your community. No two Chambers of Commerce are alike, all have different resources, benefits, and opportunities available for their members. However, all Chambers operate with the same primary purpose: to serve as an influential voice and power that stands for the wellbeing of the local business environment. This includes helping to support, promote and advocate for local businesses

Why Become a Chamber Member?


Community Credibility

The Burns Lake Chamber of Commerce has been supporting local businesses since 1927. When your business becomes a chamber member, your business is associated with the Chamber’s reputation of supporting the community. This leads to more positive impressions of your business. Consumers are more likely to shop at businesses they know is a member of a Chamber of Commerce.

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Chamber has many opportunities for its members to sponsor events. Being a sponsor will give your business the opportunity for additional community exposure and advertising, in addition to being directly recognized as a supporter of the community.

Networking Opportunities

The Burns Lake Chamber of Commerce hosts monthly meetings and annual events, giving members the opportunity to connect and grow with other local businesses.

Member Savings

Chamber members have access to reduced rates for events and advertising opportunities available from the Chamber.

Business Directory

Chamber members are listed in the Burns Lake Chamber of Commerce’s online Business Directory. Every time you are mentioned by the Chamber on their website, your business will get a free link. The more links you have from other websites, the higher your business will rank on Google.

Featured Listings

Members are given the chance to promote their business on the Burns Lake Chamber of Commerce Social Media, homepage and monthly Members Newsletter.

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