Babine Forest Products

Babine Forest Products

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Babine Forest Products is owned by Hampton Affiliates, which has been producing high-quality wood building materials since 1942. Located in Burns Lake, Babine produces a wide selection of products from studs, j grade, export grades and framing lumber in a variety of different dimensions from 2×4 to 2×10 and 8 feet to 20 feet. All of their range of wood products are sold by unit, container, railcar or truck.
Taking extra measures to save water, eliminate waste and research new ways to manufacture higher quality products in order to minimise their carbon footprint, and to using sustainable forestry and tree milling systems, Babine is committed to ensuring their practices are environmentally friendly. Utilizing all possible parts of every tree to produce lumber, they ensure all wood which isn’t used is repurposed as pulp or chips.



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