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United Way of Northern BC aims to improve communities in Northern BC through connecting resources to local needs. UWNBC positively affects 1 in 3 people through their impact work in the region; empowering other non-profit agencies, engaging with community partners at multiple levels, advocating the unique needs of the Northern BC region, engaging in United Way driven programming (i.e. Day of Caring, Period Promise), and providing funding to other non-profits through several different opportunities. As a connector, UWNBC builds partnerships with key organizations and individuals to provide the means to non-profit social service agencies to continue or develop critical programming or services to break down barriers, improve lives, and create opportunities for the people who need help the most.

Business & Finance: Breanne Dery, Email: Breanned@unitedwaynbc.ca

Head of Communications: Megan Ginter, Email: Megang@unitedwaynbc.ca

Following safe members,

Lorna Bihori, Email: Lornab@unitedwaynbc.ca

Parveen Deepak, Email: Parveend@unitedwaynbcd.ca




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