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Tony Tiani & Company Inc. is a warm, engaging, energetic medium size Chartered Professional Accounting firm that has offered services in Prince George for 18 years and recently into Burns Lake with the purchase of M. McPhail & Associates Inc. in 2017. The firm is registered with the Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia and currently employ several individuals who offer a wide variety of skills and expertise.

As a public accounting firm we service a wide range of First Nation organizations, private corporations, and not-for-profit societies. We have substantial experience representing our clients’ interests with funding agencies, regulatory authorities, bankers, creditors, customers, and suppliers.

Our experience has enabled us to develop programs specifically tailored to each organization. We will provide high quality service, in a timely manner and assistance in other areas upon the request of management.

Our firm personnel have comprehensive experience with fund accounting, Not-For-Profit organizations, and advisory services. Our members are required to regularly review the CPA Handbook accounting standards for Not-For-Profit Organizations and announcements to ensure we are up to date with approved changes and are aware of upcoming issues to ensure our clients are compliant with current accounting standards. We fully understand the reporting requirements for Not-For-Profit organizations and the benefits of working in a professional and cooperative manner with various funding agencies and their representatives to ensure our clients’ submission of their financial statements meet all required reporting criteria.

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